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Image:What is going on in Kivu ?
What is going on in Kivu ?
The abuse of international action
United Nations forces have lined up on the side of genocidaires
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What’s Current : Utah bans transitioning of minors with surgery and hormones
What’s Current : Trans-identified male found guilty of rape to remain in women’s prison until sentencing
What’s Current : ‘Decapitate TERFs’ trends on Twitter after SNP politicians pose with trans activists holding banner
Are trans rights human rights ? Robert Wintemute on the trans rights debate and how we got here
What’s Current : Demand for sexual services skyrockets amid annual World Economic Forum meeting
What’s Current : Trans-identified male rugby player Emma Farnan claims he has no advantage over women
What’s Current : UK government blocks Scotland’s gender self-identification bill
Women in Taiwan are organizing to fight back against gender identity ideology
What’s Current : UK to pass law banning ‘trans’ conversion therapy
What’s Current : Female inmate reports rape by trans-identified male in her cell
What’s Current : Trans activists storm McGill University gender identity talk, forcing cancellation
What’s Current : In Louisiana you will have to show ID to watch porn

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