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Kabuga reste en prison

29/05 | Par: Alain Gauthier «Tuli hano, papa!» « Nous sommes ici papa ». C’est en ces termes que Félicien KABUGA a été accueilli à son entrée dans la (...)

Of Fake Survivors and their Genocide Denialism Agenda

16/04 | By Jean Kayigamba This painful three-month period of national life is a time when we, Rwandans and friends of Rwanda remember our loved (...)

Genocidaires’ Disciples and Their Useful Dupes (Part V)

17/02 | By: Tom Ndahiro The more Charles Kambanda maligns Rwanda and well-known positions of civility, supposedly in defence of President (...)

Habyarimana yashatse kurara i Dar es Salaam kubera ubwoba

24/01 | Na: Tom Ndahiro Ndahamya ko ibinyoma byagiye bivugwa ku iyicwa rya Habyarimana, ari ho ha mbere hakurangira uwamwishe. Ibinyoma (...)

Ibinyoma bikurangira uwishe Juvenal Habyarimana

24/01 | Na: Tom Ndahiro Iyo ushaka kumenya ahari ukuri guhishwa, umva ubwinshi bw’ibinyoma bivugwa ku kintu kimwe. Ibi nibyo biri ku rupfu rwa (...)

My Nightmares of Kibeho and Beyond

18/01 | By: Tom Ndahiro As a survivor and witness of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda I have many nightmares. Some of the bad (...)

Mutarama 1994, Ambasaderi w’Ubufaransa mu Rwanda yatangaje ko Abatutsi bazicwa

14/01 | Na: Ndahiro Tom Abahakana Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi bahakana ko yateguwe. Abayikoze, abayihakana n’abayikora ntibashaka ko uko kuri (...)

Genocidaire’s Disciples and Their Useful Dupes (Part IV)

13/01 | By Tom Ndahiro Genocide ideologues never cease to create and recreate forums to sustain their toxic isms. The political juggling and (...)

Mutarama 1993, Koloneri Bagosora yatangaje ko agiye gutegura imperuka

10/01 | Mu itangazo ryashyizweho Umukono n’Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa wa Komisiyo y’Igihugu yo Kurwanya Jenoside (CNLG), Dr BIZIMANA (...)

When Bagosora declared his apocalyptic intentions

10/01 | The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) has embarked on reminding key events that preceded the genocide (...)


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What You Didn’t Know Inside Rwanda Cycling Sport

  6/05 | All eyes are focused on Rwanda as the East African hilly nation hosts the 2021 Tour du Rwanda-a road cycling stage race which kicked (...)

Joseph Kony’s Ruthless Commander Sentenced to 25 years in Prison

  6/05 | At last Justice has been dispensed as the International Criminal Court (ICC) handed a 25-year sentence to Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) (...)

ICC Hands 28 Years to LRA Rebel Commander Dominic Ongwen

  6/05 | The International Criminal Court (ICC) has sentenced Uganda’s rebel, Dominic Ongwen to a total period of imprisonment of 25 years for (...)

Boat Donated By Kagame To Nkombo Islanders Not Operational

  6/05 | Residents of Nkombo Island will have to wait longer to travel on a boat donated to them by President Paul Kagame. Nkombo island is (...)

Tortured & Robbed : Rwandans Deported from Uganda Narrate Painful Ordeals

  6/05 | Rwandans recently deported from Uganda claim they were tortured for weeks and denied basic rights and had their valuables stolen while (...)

Restructuring May Have Left RAB Stuck In Mud

  6/05 | The atmosphere in Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) could be described as lugubrious as some staff that have been kicked out of the (...)
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