News of Rwanda

News of Rwanda

"Since its inception in 2011, News of Rwanda has been the pioneer in delivering the latest and accurate reports from the “Land of Thousand Hills”. It is currently the most trusted and among the most popular sources for news from Rwanda. Our experienced and dedicated panel of journalists, reporters and editors provide and compile round the clock news updates in Kinyarwanda and English.

We also have a team of skilled translators to ensure a blend of English and Kinyarwanda articles that cater to our audience both within and outside Rwanda.

News of Rwanda focuses on covering the whole political scene of Rwanda in addition to the latest, most happening news stories in the country. Our in-depth articles, opinions and editorials are delivered with a truthful perspective that adheres to our ultimate aim to raise the standards of journalism."

Main contributors : Gahiji Innocent, Aninta Kikoto, Mathew Otiende, Andrew Obeki

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