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Nagasaki urges nuclear weapons ban as it marks 75th anniversary of atomic bombing

  9/08 | At a scaled down event at Nagasaki Peace Park, Mayor Tomihisa Taue raises concern that nuclear states had in recent years retreated (...)

As Israel's coalition crisis worsens, weekly cabinet session put on hold

  9/08 | Parties trade barbs while Gantz seeks to block Netanyahu from pushing through one-year budget despite coalition deal calling for (...)

Israel fails to investigate employers who stole money from over 1,000 asylum (...)

  9/08 | Only 60 cases have currently been opened by authorities, with sanctions taken against 30 employers, while asylum seekers collectively (...)

40-year-old document reveals Ariel Sharon's plan to evict 1,000 Palestinians from their (...)

  9/08 | Minutes of an 1981 ministerial meeting indicate that Sharon, who would later become Israel's prime minister, proposed allocating (...)

Israel’s budget pit is a disgrace for a developed country


More than 10,000 join peaceful anti-Netanyahu protest in Jerusalem, for fourth week in a (...)

  9/08 | Haaretz photographer detained, protesters in Eilat say they were pepper sprayed ■ Near the prime minister's official residence, one (...)

Mauritius scrambles to counter 'environmental crisis,' as grounded ship leaks (...)

  9/08 | Residents of tourism hot spot hit hard by coronavirus crisis watch with worry, ask why steps were not taken sooner to prevent (...)

Anti-government, anti-Netanyahu protests gain momentum outside Israel

  9/08 | Anti-Netanyahu protests outside of Israel first took place in San Francisco, at the beginning of August, and than spread to several (...)

Haaretz cartoon


Gantz refuses to rule out law banning Netanyahu from serving as PM

  8/08 | No agenda set for cabinet meeting as coalition crisis hits new high. Blue and White leader accuses Netanyahu of seeking elections for (...)

Seth Rogen is funny, but the Jewish Agency's Isaac Herzog is ridiculous


Netanyahu really will burn the country down

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