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EU-Rwanda plan : Another short-sighted answer to Libya migration crisis

16/08 | After deadly airstrikes and attacks on migrant detention centres in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, the European Union has come up with a new (...)

We can’t stop Congo’s Ebola outbreak until communities lead the response

1er/08 | One year into the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the epidemic is accelerating. There have been more new cases (...)

Mental health - the lasting scars of crisis

12/07 | Mental scars from conflict and crises may linger for years, holding back the recovery of individuals and whole communities. (...)

Rwanda, part 4 : The ‘reconciliation villages’ where genocide survivor and perpetrator live side (...)

20/05 | For Tutsis who survived the Rwanda genocide or watched as their loved ones were slaughtered or raped, reconciling with the Hutu (...)

Rwanda, part 3 : A genocide forgiven, but not forgotten

19/04 | With its tidy streets, buzzing nightclubs, and economic opportunities, Rwanda is considered to be one of Africa’s most promising (...)

Rwanda, part 2 : What humanitarians need to remember 25 years on

8/04 | The 1994 Rwandan genocide led to soul-searching among the diplomatic, human rights, and humanitarian communities. The aid response was (...)

Rwanda, part 1 : Born into a legacy of genocide

5/04 | On Sunday Rwanda is marking the 25th anniversary of the genocide, commemorating the lives of nearly one million people, mostly Tutsis, (...)

Prison or deportation : The impossible choice for asylum seekers in Israel

31/01 | Just two months from now, the Israeli government says it will begin indefinitely imprisoning asylum seekers who refuse deportation. (...)

The Grinch’s not-so-festive guide to food ration cuts

27/12 | Across much of the world, the festive season is a time of indulgence. But what if you’re too busy fleeing violence and upheaval, or (...)

Rwandans feel the pinch as Burundi fallout hits home

5/10 | Walking through Kimironko market in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, you wouldn’t necessarily realise its traders were struggling. (...)


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What You Didn’t Know Inside Rwanda Cycling Sport

  6/05 | All eyes are focused on Rwanda as the East African hilly nation hosts the 2021 Tour du Rwanda-a road cycling stage race which kicked (...)

Joseph Kony’s Ruthless Commander Sentenced to 25 years in Prison

  6/05 | At last Justice has been dispensed as the International Criminal Court (ICC) handed a 25-year sentence to Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) (...)

ICC Hands 28 Years to LRA Rebel Commander Dominic Ongwen

  6/05 | The International Criminal Court (ICC) has sentenced Uganda’s rebel, Dominic Ongwen to a total period of imprisonment of 25 years for (...)

Meeting with Hon. Peter Mathuki, Secretary General of East Africa Community | Kigali, 6 May (...)

  6/05 | The post Meeting with Hon. Peter Mathuki, Secretary General of East Africa Community | Kigali, 6 May 2021 appeared first on Paul (...)

Boat Donated By Kagame To Nkombo Islanders Not Operational

  6/05 | Residents of Nkombo Island will have to wait longer to travel on a boat donated to them by President Paul Kagame. Nkombo island is (...)

Tortured & Robbed : Rwandans Deported from Uganda Narrate Painful Ordeals

  6/05 | Rwandans recently deported from Uganda claim they were tortured for weeks and denied basic rights and had their valuables stolen while (...)
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