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Winning in Syria and the Middle East – By David W. Lesch and Kamal (...)  17/07/2018 Syria Comment
Helsinki Meeting Does Little to Clarify America’s Syria Policy – By Joshua (...)  17/07/2018 Syria Comment
The Think-Tanks Bark and the IRGC Moves On  14/07/2018 Syria Comment
What's happened to digital rights over the past seven years ? 300 (...)  11/07/2018 Syria (Global Voices)
Did Syrians really have a choice ? Final days in Ghouta : Caught between an (...)  27/06/2018 Syria (Global Voices)
Thoughts On Southern Syria  25/06/2018 Syria Comment
Israel’s Secret war for Syria’s Independence by Meir Zamir  20/06/2018 Syria Comment
‘You cannot be a liberator and a thief at the same time' : Video shows (...)  12/06/2018 Syria (Global Voices)
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  •  BBC « Rwanda’s Untold Story » : letter to Tony Hall
    38 scholars, scientists, researchers, journalists and historians
    « We urge the BBC to apologise »   « Rwanda’s Untold Story tarnishes the BBC’s well-deserved reputation for objective and balanced (...)  
  •  Security Council measures imposed on Democratic Republic of Congo
    Resolution 2136 (2014) - Renewing Arms Embargo
    Security Council - 30 Jan 2014   Neighbours Support M23, Says Congolese Representative, as Rwandan Counterpart Rejects Report by (...)  
  •  DRC : The deadliest war in Africa enters a new phase
    UN intervention Brigade is it the solution to the DRC crisis ?
    A Mike Shum and Neil Brandvold video   UN intervention Brigade is it the solution to the crisis in the DRC ? A filmed conversation (...)  
  •  What is going on in Kivu ?
    United Nations forces have lined up on the side of genocidaires
    The abuse of international action   In 1994, the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda fled en masse to Kivu in (...)  
  •  Why is the Hero of Hotel Rwanda Controversial ?
    « A vicious man ? »
    « Clearly, Rusesabagina has a mission... »   When I first came to America in 2007, people I met asked where I come from. Being from Rwanda (...)  
  •  What can I do for my country ?
    “Even if I attempted, it would go unnoticed.”
    “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”   Over the past few weeks the words John F. Kennedy stuck in my head, “Ask not what your country (...)  
  •  The Travesty of Human Rights Watch on Rwanda
    by Richard Johnson
    What Human Rights Watch does on Rwanda is not human rights advocacy   What Human Rights Watch (HRW) does on Rwanda is not human rights advocacy. It is political (...)  
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