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Manchester attack : 'Immense progress' made by police  26/05/2017 BBC (Europe)
Trump and May reaffirm plans to boost trade after Brexit  26/05/2017 BBC (Europe)
County cricket : Essex v Surrey, Somerset v Hampshire and more – live (...)  26/05/2017 The Guardian (Europe)
General election : Boris Johnson attacks Corbyn's 'monstrous' (...)  26/05/2017 The Guardian (Europe)
French Open : Andy Murray vows to bounce back from illness and form (...)  26/05/2017 The Guardian (Europe)
Manchester attack : 'Large part' of terror network has now been (...)  26/05/2017 The Guardian (Europe)
FTSE 100 hits record high as election jitters drive pound down – business (...)  26/05/2017 The Guardian (Europe)
It’s a snap election. But let’s not make snap decisions on social care | (...)  26/05/2017 The Guardian (Europe)
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  •  BBC « Rwanda’s Untold Story » : letter to Tony Hall
    38 scholars, scientists, researchers, journalists and historians
    « We urge the BBC to apologise »   « Rwanda’s Untold Story tarnishes the BBC’s well-deserved reputation for objective and balanced (...)  

  •  What can I do for my country ?
    “Even if I attempted, it would go unnoticed.”
    “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”   Over the past few weeks the words John F. Kennedy stuck in my head, “Ask not what your country (...)  
  •  The Travesty of Human Rights Watch on Rwanda
    by Richard Johnson
    What Human Rights Watch does on Rwanda is not human rights advocacy   What Human Rights Watch (HRW) does on Rwanda is not human rights advocacy. It is political (...)  
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