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Who wants a piece of moon ? 5-kilo lunar meteorite ‘The Moon Puzzle’ up for (...)  16/10/2018 Euronews
Turkish official says police found evidence in Saudi Consulate that (...)  16/10/2018 Euronews
US President Trump : &quot ;I have no financial interests in Saudi (...)  16/10/2018 Euronews
Turkish police 'find evidence Saudi writer was killed inside (...)  16/10/2018 Euronews
The next frontier in information manipulation  16/10/2018 Euronews
Belgium's first black mayor is footballer Vincent Kompany's (...)  16/10/2018 Euronews
EXCLUSIVE | Euronews meets Irish Foreign Minister Coveney  16/10/2018 Euronews
Climate change will make beer prices soar with temperatures, study (...)  16/10/2018 Euronews
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  •  BBC « Rwanda’s Untold Story » : letter to Tony Hall
    38 scholars, scientists, researchers, journalists and historians
    « We urge the BBC to apologise »   « Rwanda’s Untold Story tarnishes the BBC’s well-deserved reputation for objective and balanced (...)  

  •  What is going on in Kivu ?
    United Nations forces have lined up on the side of genocidaires
    The abuse of international action   In 1994, the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda fled en masse to Kivu in (...)  
  •  Why is the Hero of Hotel Rwanda Controversial ?
    « A vicious man ? »
    « Clearly, Rusesabagina has a mission... »   When I first came to America in 2007, people I met asked where I come from. Being from Rwanda (...)  
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