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Zimbabwe : Heart-Rending Scenes As Abducted Muchehiwa Brought to Court in Ambulance

  5/08 | [New Zimbabwe] Critically Ill Tawanda Muchehiwa was Tuesday presented before a Bulawayo magistrate in the company of his doctor who (...)

Senegal : Office of Les Echos Newspaper Attacked, Vandalized

  5/08 | [IFJ] The office of Les Echos newspaper in Dakar was attacked and vandalized by elements of the Moustarchidine Wal Moustarchidati (...)

Hong Kong : Rights Under Attack on Anniversary

10/06 | Click to expand Image Protesters in Hong Kong, July 5, 2019. © 2019 Chris McGrath/Getty Images (New York) – Hong Kong’s and China’s (...)

Systemic Inequities Increase Covid-19 Risk for Indigenous People in Canada

10/06 | Click to expand Image Roxanne Moonias, mother to an infant with a chronic illness, demonstrates one of the steps she takes to ensure (...)

Rwandan Genocide Suspect Arrested After 23 Years on the Run

16/05 | Félicien Kabuga, 84, had been on the run for 23 years, since he was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda on (...)

They Committed Genocide. Their Neighbors Welcomed Them Home.

24/04 | Twenty-five years after they participated in one of the world's most atrocious instances of mass violence, their experiences in (...)

The FDLR in North and South Kivu : A State within a State

2/09 | By Onesphore Sematumba 1. Who are the FDLR? A shapeless entity, a “state within a state,” a phenomenon – there are a lot of descriptions (...)

Slavery in the DR Congo : FDLR are the masters

2/09 | “Master and Slaves”: Daily life in the FDLR-controlled areas of Mwenga and neighbouring territories in South Kivu By Patrick Mihali (...)

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IMG: Security Council measures imposed on Democratic Republic of Congo Neighbours Support M23, Says Congolese Representative, as Rwandan Counterpart Rejects Report by Group of Experts Monitoring Sanctions. Strongly condemning (...)
IMG: What is going on in Kivu ? In 1994, the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda fled en masse to Kivu in eastern Congo. For nearly twenty years, remnants of the (...)
IMG: The Travesty of Human Rights Watch on Rwanda What Human Rights Watch (HRW) does on Rwanda is not human rights advocacy. It is political advocacy which has become profoundly unscrupulous in both its (...)
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