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The FDLR in North and South Kivu : A State within a State

2/09 | By Onesphore Sematumba 1. Who are the FDLR? A shapeless entity, a “state within a state,” a phenomenon – there are a lot of descriptions (...)

Slavery in the DR Congo : FDLR are the masters

2/09 | “Master and Slaves”: Daily life in the FDLR-controlled areas of Mwenga and neighbouring territories in South Kivu By Patrick Mihali (...)

THE FRIENDS OF EVIL : When NGOs support genocidaires

29/08 | THE FRIENDS OF EVIL: When NGOs support genocidaires By Tom Ndahiro—–Copyright © Tom Ndahiro 2013 Table of contents Foreword Introduction: (...)

Friends of evil (Chapter 14) : A Final Appeal and Conclusion

28/08 | Israel Charny rightly reminds us of a very important concept: personal interests can ultimately lead many people who are not initially (...)

Friends of evil (Chapter 13) : Indifference to the demons of race

28/08 | The genocide against the Tutsi, which took place in Rwanda should not be allowed to happen elsewhere. Commenting on this genocide (...)

Friends of evil (Chapter 12) Carrero, A Mockery to the Nobel Peace Prize

28/08 | In this chapter, I will focus on Juan Carrero Saralegui, the self-proclaimed seeker of justice. He was mentioned early on, in this (...)

Friends of evil (Chapter 11) : A Club of Lovers of Hatred

28/08 | The “International Forum for the Truth and Justice in Africa of the Great Lakes Region” is another member of the civil society of (...)

Friends of evil (Chapter 10) : Fast moves from European NGOS to rehabilitate (...)

28/08 | As the genocide perpetrators regrouped in the fall of 1994 to pursue their cause from their base in the refugee camps of eastern Zaire, (...)

Friends of Evil (Chapter 9) Other initiatives of Rwandans living in Exile

28/08 | Now that we have taken a first look at the complicity of Northern NGOs in the efforts of Rwandan NGOs to deny the Tutsi genocide, let (...)

Friends of evil (Chapter 8) : Rwandan civil society in exile–villains posturing as (...)

28/08 | After the departure of Frans Van Hoof and Ivan Godfroid, the Rwandan NGOs in areas controlled by the genocidal interim government (...)


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Full Litany Of Blessed Virgin Mary After New Titles Introduced By Pope Francis

  27/09 | Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy. Christ hear us. Christ graciously hear us. God, the Father of heaven, have mercy (...)

DRC’s Lubumbashi City Attackers Arrested

  27/09 | A joint operation conducted by Congolese security agencies have arrested a group of armed men that had attacked and taken control of (...)

Tour du Rwanda 2021 Dates Announced

  26/09 | Dates for Tour du Rwanda 2021 have been officially confirmed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), race organisers announced. (...)

COVID-19 : Two more deaths

  26/09 | The Ministry of Health has announced two more people have been killed by COVID-19 in Rwanda, bringing the death toll to 29. - News / (...)

RIB warns general public against Pyramid businesses

  26/09 | Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has warned dealers in money scheming commonly known as ‘pyramid', saying the practice is illegal (...)

Know Whether Your Pastor Is Genuine

  26/09 | Going by the bible teachings, the situation today mirrors what is described as the end of times. But today let’s take a look at who a (...)
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