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Cyberpresse - L’actualité des États-Unis d’Amérique vue du Canada

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Les Amériques

L’information du continent américain.
L’actualité des Amériques : Amérique du Sud, Amérique centrale, Amérique du Nord (USA - Canada).

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Trump, Biden Prepare for Contested Election Over Mail-in Voting

  27/09 | President Trump twice last week refused to ensure a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election

Free Movement at Risk in Heart of Europe as Swiss Vote

  27/09 | Initiative calls for Switzerland to revise its constitution to ensure it can autonomously handle immigration (...)

N. Korea Warns of Naval Tensions During Search for Slain S. Korean

  27/09 | North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued a rare apology on Friday for the fatal shooting

Cambodian Dissidents Sentenced as Crackdown Continues

  27/09 | Court action signals significant escalation of ‘concerted onslaught of political persecution’ that Cambodian government says is needed to (...)

3 Arrests, Little Violence at Far-Right Group’s Portland Rally

  27/09 | Rally organized by Proud Boys, self-described ‘Western chauvinist’ group, was in support of President Trump’s (...)

Breonna Taylor Protesters March Anew : ‘No Justice, No Peace’

  27/09 | Hundreds march chanting 'Black Lives Matter'
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