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Les Amériques

L’information du continent américain.
L’actualité des Amériques : Amérique du Sud, Amérique centrale, Amérique du Nord (USA - Canada).

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ICC Sentences Former Lord's Resistance Army Commander to 25 Years in Jail

  6/05 | International Criminal Court in The Hague gives child soldier-turned rebel commander Dominic Ongwen more than prosecution recommended (...)

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activist Sentenced to 10 More Months in Prison

  6/05 | Joshua Wong and three others sentenced for taking part in unauthorized vigil last year to commemorate 1989 Tiananmen Square (...)

Threats to Afghan Media by Warring Sides Spark Outrage

  6/05 | Renewed assault came as battlefield hostilities between government forces and Taliban have spiked

Blinken Urges Russia to 'Cease Reckless and Aggressive Actions' Toward (...)

  6/05 | Top US diplomat visits Kyiv to show support for Ukraine in face of Moscow’s ‘provocative actions,’ and to advance anti-corruption (...)

Myanmar Shadow Government Forms Militia to Oppose Military Junta

  6/05 | Supporters say formation of People’s Defense Force is first step toward creating alliance with ethnic rebel (...)

China's Africa Outreach Poses Growing Threat, US General Warns

  6/05 | General Stephen Townsend, in an interview with The Associated Press, said Beijing is looking to establish a large navy port capable of (...)
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