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Le dossier « Chinafrique » d’ offre un journal quotidien contenant des informations sur 56 pays africains

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AidData China

AidData - Tracking Chinese Development Finance to Africa Informations / Medias : "Over the last decade, assistance from non-Western governments has expanded (...)

« - Un observatoire unique de la Chine-Afrique » Le centre de gravité de l’économie se déplace à vive allure avec deux locomotives : la Chine et l’Afrique. La République populaire (...)

Chinafrique (

Le dossier « Chinafrique » d' offre un journal quotidien contenant des informations sur 56 pays africains

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  16/04 | Historiographies d’ailleurs, avec Nathalie Kouamé, Aurélia Michel et Anne Viguier, Paroles d’histoire, 22/03/2021 : Nathalie KOUAMÉ, Éric (...)

Chinese Vaccine Deliveries to Africa Lag Far Behind the Rest of the World

15/04 | New data about where Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine are shipped around the world reveals that despite lots of lofty political rhetoric (...)

More Than Half a Billion Doses of Chinese Vaccines Will be Manufactured Overseas Every (...)

15/04 | Chinese pharmaceutical companies have finalized production licensing agreements with seven countries around the world that will enable (...)

Although Quantities Remain Low, the Pace of Chinese Vaccine Deliveries in Africa (...)

15/04 | The confirmation from the Bridge tracking report that the overall quantity of Chinese vaccine deliveries to Africa is comparatively low (...)

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15/04 | One day after the South African government suspended the rollout of the U.S.-made Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine due to worries (...)

VOA Report Criticizes Chinese Vaccines Using Many of the Same Propaganda Tactics That Chinese (...)

15/04 | There was widespread outrage in the U.S. last year when Chinese propaganda outlets and Foreign Ministry spokespeople issued false (...)
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