Chinafrique (

Le dossier “Chinafrique” d’ offre un journal quotidien contenant des informations sur 56 pays africains

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AidData China

AidData - Tracking Chinese Development Finance to Africa Informations / Medias: "Over the last decade, assistance from non-Western governments has expanded (...)

“ - Un observatoire unique de la Chine-Afrique” Le centre de gravité de l’économie se déplace à vive allure avec deux locomotives : la Chine et l’Afrique. La République populaire (...)

Chinafrique (

Le dossier “Chinafrique” d' offre un journal quotidien contenant des informations sur 56 pays africains

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Propagande évangéliste d’Adrian Zenz

  7/05 | Suivre l’actualité, courir après le vent. Penser l’actualité, marcher à contre-courant. Les petits maîtres à penser, qui sévissent en France, (...)

With Infection Rates Rising, Chinese COVID Vaccines Will Face a Critical Test in (...)

  6/05 | Egypt is entering a third wave of COVID-19 infections prompting the government to announce new lockdowns and other measures in an (...)

The Mideast’s Travel and Hospitality Industry Has a Lot at Stake in the WHO’s Impending Ruling on (...)

  6/05 | Representatives from the Mideast’s travel industry are closely watching their news feeds for any updates on the World Health (...)

This Tweet Shows Why the U.S. Effort to Dislodge Huawei in Africa is Just Not Going to (...)

  6/05 | Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama posted a tweet on Wednesday that showcased the depth of Huawei’s ties in Africa’s largest (...)

Kenyan State Media Features a Full-Throated Denunciation of Western Genocide Claims Against (...)

  6/05 | The state-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation published a stinging editorial on Wednesday by one of its own journalists, Eric Biegon, (...)

The DRC Wants to Renegotiate Some of Its Chinese Contracts. Hopefully, for Their Sake, They (...)

  6/05 | DR Congo President Félix Tshisekedi apparently wants to renegotiate some of the contracts that his predecessor, Joseph Kabila, signed (...)
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