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Hiroshima marks 75 years since atomic bombing in scaled-back ceremony

  6/08 | Despite coronavirus, city marks anniversary, with mayor reminiscing the role of the Spanish Flu pandemic in sparking (...)

For Hezbollah, Beirut devastation makes provoking Israel even riskier

  6/08 | It seems Israeli intelligence services have nothing to do with the explosion ■ Nasrallah has a long-term problem, and public pressure (...)

U.S. officials dispute Trump's claim that Beirut was attacked

  6/08 | From video and other evidence, experts suggest that fireworks and ammonium nitrate were the fuel that ignited the explosion that rocked (...)

Facebook removes Trump post over coronavirus misinformation

  6/08 | This is the first time Facebook removes a presidential post

Israel's plans for three waste-to-energy plants scrapped due to backlash

  6/08 | Residents in the three locations were vehemently opposed because they feared bad smells and air pollution, while environmental advocacy (...)

1 in 10 Israelis fully support Netanyahu's handling of coronavirus - poll

  5/08 | The poll was done on the backdrop of nationwide demonstrations, mainly in protest of the prime minister's handling of the (...)

Haaretz cartoon


Lebanon Tribunal postpones verdict in Hariri case to August 18

  5/08 | This comes after a massive explosion struck Beirut Tuesday, causing mass destruction, death and injury

Netanyahu's cousin files defamation suit against opposition MK after 'submarine (...)

  5/08 | Netanyahu's former lawyer and cousin filed a lawsuit of about $166,000 against MK Moshe Ya'alon for making accusations against (...)

New business relief plan will be more limited amid Israel's second coronavirus (...)

  5/08 | The government plan, which is expected to cost the government $294 million, would give grants to businesses to pay municipal taxes if (...)

Israel’s Valentine’s Day COVID-19 protest : Let our loved ones in

  5/08 | Legally married spouses can return to Israel if they obey the quarantine, but people in long-distance relationships have no (...)

Pompeo says U.S. will submit UN resolution next week to extend Iran arms embargo

  5/08 | The U.S.-drafted resolution needs at least nine votes in favor to force Russia and China to use their vetoes, which Moscow and Beijing (...)
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