Dossier d’analyse sur les relations entre la Chine et l’Afrique. Proposez-nous un site ou des articles sur ce thème.
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The Chinese “Western Media Conspiracy”

  12/08 | The Chinese “Western Media Conspiracy” Eric Olander, The ChinaAfrica Project, 12 août 2020 Lire à

Did Nigeria Really Cede Its Sovereignty to China in a Loan Agreement ?

  12/08 | Did Nigeria Really Cede Its Sovereignty to China in a Loan Agreement? Laure Deron The Diplomat, 12 août 2020 ​Français ; Le cas du Nigeria (...)

New China-Africa Trade Data Shows Mixed Results (And That’s Really Good News, All Things (...)

  12/08 | A number of countries across Africa this week are reporting trade figures for the first half of the year and they’re surprisingly mixed (...)

How COVID-19 is Messing Up Lucrative Africa-Asia Trade Routes

  12/08 | SABC Correspondent Richard Kimber reports from Hong Kong’s main cargo terminal on how new quarantine regulations for container vessels (...)

Chinese Embassy Responds to Kenyan Health Cabinet Secretary’s PPE Ban

  12/08 | A spokeswoman for the Chinese embassy in Nairobi rejected assertions by Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe that Chinese-made masks (...)

The UN Economic Commission for Africa Makes Rare Public Appeal to China on Debt (...)

  12/08 | High-level representatives from the African Union (AU) Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Africa (...)

The Complicated Geopolitics Behind the G20’s Debt Suspension Program

  12/08 | Africa economist Mark Bohlund made an interesting observation yesterday following the news that both Djibouti and Zambia had been (...)

No Evidence, No Problem : Nigerian Media’s Love Affair With the Chinese “Debt Trap” (...)

  12/08 | Even though scholars from around the world have debunked the charge and there’s no evidence to support it, the Chinese debt trap meme is (...)

Nigeria’s Debt Management Office Tries (Again) to Set the Record Straight About Chinese (...)

  12/08 | For a second time, the Nigerian Debt Management Office (DMO) published easy to understand infographics that attempt to dispel the (...)

W. Gyude Moore : China or the West ? Who Should be Africa’s “Partner of Choice (...)

  12/08 | Over the past couple of weeks, W. Gyude Moore, a senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development in Washington, D.C., has (...)

Debt Cancellation in Africa

11/08 | Debt Cancellation in Africa: Different Loan Paradigms, Different Development Outcomes Thierry Pairault Geopolitical Monitor, 11 août (...)

Kenya, États-Unis et Chine

11/08 | L’accord de tous les dangers entre le Kenya et les États-Unis CETRI ASBL, Médiapart, 10 août 2020 Lire à

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AidData China

AidData - Tracking Chinese Development Finance to Africa Informations / Medias : "Over the last decade, assistance from non-Western governments has expanded (...)

« - Un observatoire unique de la Chine-Afrique » Le centre de gravité de l’économie se déplace à vive allure avec deux locomotives : la Chine et l’Afrique. La République populaire (...)

Chinafrique (

Le dossier « Chinafrique » d' offre un journal quotidien contenant des informations sur 56 pays africains

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IMG: Vidéo : Quand la Chine rencontre l'Afrique Un documentaire sur l’engagement commercial de la Chine en Afrique de Marc et Nick Francis. Retour sur le parcours de trois hommes d’affaire chinois à la (...)
IMG: La Chine, une puissance africaine Alors que vient de se terminer le second Forum du peuple Chine-Afrique (10 au 11 juillet 2012 à Suzhou), il nous parait intéressant de revenir, avec François (...)
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